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Remote Communities

When it comes to remote work, the concept changes to a whole new meaning; the difference is now to link with those who are like-minded. As its popularity grows, so will the need for people to connect and find their community; below is a living and breathing list of remote communities to join.

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Starting in 2014, WebWorkTravel was a Facebook group that pioneered the way forward for future digital nomads. Here you can find a community of over 55k members across the globe who are looking to work while they travel. 


Whether you're looking for fully remote positions or a hybrid work setup, CoffeeCall can help you get the ball rolling when it comes to connecting. With informal chats, CoffeeCall gives you 7 minutes to connect with colleagues whenever or wherever; it's all up to you.  


Lunchclub is an app that harnesses the incredible powers of AI to connect people. With 1:1 video calls backed by Lightspeed, Coatue, and a16z, you can meet other professionals from all over. With being featured on CNBC, WSJ, Financial Times, and other press, making new connections has never been easier.

WiFi Tribe

Boasting over 1,000+ members in over 60+ Nations, the WiFi tribe is all about remote work. WiFi Tribe holds to its name; it is a tribe with users working to support one another as they transform their lives as they wish to see them.   

FishBowl App

FishBowl's mission is to help working professionals and companies have meaningful conversations on the future of work and how these changes can benefit both sides to get ahead. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start connecting today!

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