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Online coding bootcamps are often seen as the quickest and most accessible option available to aspiring web developers. This is because you can learn wherever you want, without needing to live near the classroom.

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Acadium Plus

Powered by the ultimate goal that anyone located anywhere should have the chance to learn the skills and gain knowledge for a successful career in digital marketing. Acadium is all about new beginnings; you can make your dreams come true with cutting-edge tools, a strong support network, and mentorship. 

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Lighthouse Labs

Established in 2013, Lighthouse Labs has helped over 40,000 students break into tech with the coding expertise to become professional developers. With a combination of incredible instructors and experienced mentors, Lighthouse Lab students leave knowing they have the skills and knowledge that many companies will need for many years. 

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App Academy

App Academy's courses are methodically crafted to provide you with the same experience and, more crucially, the same successful end. This really is achievable due to a deep understanding acquired from more than 4,500 graduates and eight years of industry experience.

Co. Lab

By offering individuals from different disciplines the real-world, practical experience required to successfully break into (and thrive within) the tech industry, Co.Lab empowers students with a chance to start over again. 

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Coding Dojo

With over 8 years of experience in the coding BootCamp industry, you can have peace of mind knowing you're in good hands. Whether you've dabbled in coding or are entirely new, Coding Dojo has the experience, resources, and courses to help you break into a lucrative career in tech.

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With one-on-one sessions and a detailed mentorship program, Thinkful students have the right skills and knowledge to start over in a brand new career in tech. Whether new to the workforce or looking to start over, Thinkful can help you develop the skills employers need now and for years to come. 

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General Assembly

In the edutech sector, General Assembly has developed a strong reputation for pioneering what education looks like in the 21st century. As a leading source for anyone looking to propel themselves into a brand new career, General Assembly specializes in teaching some of the most in-demand skills. 

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Boasting over 500 instructors with experience from some of the leading tech companies across the globe, BrainStation is all about crafting education that's built for the future. With over 100,000 graduates from the BrainStation program hired by some of the biggest firms in the world, the proof is in the pudding.        

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As the top online bootcamp for digital skills, Simplilearn's solely focused on prepping students to flourish in this ever-changing tech landscape. There's something for everyone here, from courses that dive into cybersecurity, cloud computing, and digital marketing. 

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