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E-Learning Platforms

What's known as electornic learning or e-learning is changing how people learn everywhere. As education becomes more accessible, especially to the most vulnerable, so will the world as we know it. Stay tuned; every week, know resources will be added. Enjoy and happy learning!

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Laconic Machine Learning - Comp Sci Degree

With over 1000 YouTube videos, broken down into 40 courses in total, you do a Computer Science degree yourself from the comfort of your home. As a free option, this is a great alternative for anyone looking to gain the technical skills to enter a career as a developer without having to take on any debt. 

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With well over 275 partners, Coursera takes e-learning to a whole new level. By making courses and programs from some of the top universities and companies readily available and entirely flexible; upgrading your life is a breeze. 

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Udemy’s mission is simple yet truly powerful: develop new opportunities for people and groups anywhere by linking them to skills and knowledge to succeed and change the world as we know it.  With courses ranging from business, entrepreneurship, the arts, language, and so much more, you're sure to find something new to learn. 

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Codeacademy began with the goal "to give anyone in the world the ability to learn the skills they’d need to succeed in the 21st century." And quite honestly, Codeacademy has stuck to their guns, and along the way, they've helped change how everyone learns how to code by making it more accessible and open for all.   

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Skillshare takes a unique and very different approach to learning, rather than going to the experts they want anybody to share their special bits of knowledge. With a community encompassing thousands of classes, there's something to quench your curiosity here.  

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