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As times change and distance learning becomes the norm, some very forward-thinking universities are changing ways. Here's a list of resources to find the best distance learning degree programs and a few of my top picks for post-secondary institutions. 

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Keystone has helped over 5500 post-secondary institutions link up with prospective students in over 190 countries, making this life-changing decision much more manageable with information on programs ranging from Bachelor's, Master's, online programs, and more.


OnlineU offers information for online degree programs in over 137 subject matters, with 28,321 different programs offered at many online schools. If you're unsure about what you should take or maybe looking to start over, OnlineU can take the pain out of the decision-making process. 


With some help from StudyPortals, you can easily see the ranking of different universities featured in the QS World Ranking by TopUniversities. For information, click on the linked image to the left and read on to learn more. 

The University of London

The University of London is ranked as the UK’s top education provider of digital and blended distance education for international learners. With over 45,000 students in 190 countries around the globe, it's pretty clear the University of London is a fan-favourite. 

University of London School of Economics

The University of London Online Taught undergraduate programmes in Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences (EMFSS) enable you to earn a prestigious qualification from wherever you are in the world. With academic direction provided by LSE, these BSc programmes offer a world-class, engaging and interdisciplinary learning experience. You’ll learn to think critically about real-world issues and develop analytical skills which are sought after by employers worldwide.

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University College of London

Established in 1826 and located right in the heart of London, the University College of London is leading the way as a multidisciplinary university. Boasting over 13,000 staff and well over 42,000 students, UCL has students from all corners of the globe. 

Queen's University

Priding itself as a truly welcoming and open community full of students from all over the world, Queen's University offers a unique experience for students. For information, click on the linked image to the left and read on to learn more. 

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