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To all the women trying to find balance, some remote job boards focused on elevating women within the workplace. Stay tuned for more, as this page will be regularly updated with work from home options and new remote job boards. 


Women of Web3 

The Web3 space is one of the most exciting areas of tech and blockchain; this website is an excellent resource for anyone starting their job search. For more information, click the link in the image to the left and start finding your next job!

Surge Web3 Jobs 

As a platform determined to help provide women with opportunities in the web3 space, Surge is an excellent resource for women looking to enter this growing niche in the blockchain sector. This platform is for you if you're looking for incredible blockchain jobs!


As a resource built to serve women, nonbinary people, and those who are marginalized, she256 is here to bridge the gap. This platform looks to help make it possible to enter the blockchain sector. This is a great place to start for anyone looking to break into the blockchain world. 


Frauvis' mission is to assist Black Womxn with the tools and skills needed to break into the tech world, providing roles from companies focused on diversity and inclusion. Click the link in the image to the left to learn more, or jumpstart your job search now!


Fairygodboss is a remote job board looking to help women in the workplace with employers who advocate for a safe and welcoming work environment. If you're interested to learn more, click the image to the left and read on. 


Rise is a community for women looking for forward-thinking and innovative companies that promote inclusion and diversity. For more information, click the image to the left and start your job search today!

Tech Ladies

Created by Allison Esposito Medina in 2015, this job board is about helping women break into the tech world. With over 100,000 members, a free job board, and tons of resources, this platform has everything you need to start your job search today.

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